A trail, a forest, a legacy...

The Forêt marine / La Seigneurie Trail offers a unique and majestic perspective of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive to hikers who can use it for ''free'' in any season. The trail offers a unique window on the river and Isle-aux-Coudres. It rivals the most beautiful trails of Charlevoix!

Along the river Boudreault, which flows in some places in a deep gorge, the 4 km trail is characterized by steep slopes. Its diversity of environments and amenities caters to walkers of all ages: arch bridges, multiple lookouts, dam, falls and spectacular views.


  Length   4 linear km
  Altitude difference   310 meters
  Features   Dogs allowed, accessible four seasons
  Category   Intermediate to difficult
  Access   Free


Noble species, noble cause

Created for the purpose of perpetuating the technical knowledge and know-how of the methods formerly used for the construction of wooden schooners, the Forêt marine is home to several species of trees including white pine, red pine, spruce maple and yellow birch. The forest will be maintained, preserved and reproduced with the aim of bequeathing, to future generations, all the wood species necessary for the construction of two schooners according to traditional methods. The management of the forest also aims at preserving its biodiversity and reintroducing the noble species that were once part of it. This is why it is considered an ideal laboratory for the study of a major forest issue in Quebec: the restoration of the leafy forest, which is often degraded.

Laval University Collaboration

In addition to being part of the Forêt marine management committee, the Faculty of Forestry and Geomatics at Laval University uses this forest as a laboratory for the training of students at all three cycles and the development of research projects.

The Faculty's unprecedented experience in developing the Montmorency Forest is being used. Professors specializing in silviculture of broadleaved and mixed forests, ecosystem management, conservation biology and wood processing are involved.

This partnership is also part of the Forestry and Geomatics Faculty's desire to strengthen its ties with the community in order to share its knowledge and know-how with local decision-makers and the general public.