The Desgagnés: Two Centuries of Schooners 

The Desgagnés have Charlevoix, schooners and the St. Lawrence in their blood. Discover the incredible history of this family of seamen, and its bold and visionary captains who travelled far and wide, from the Great Lakes to the Far North, inspired by their muses who remained ashore.

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Thanks to the advisors and volunteers, essential to the realization of the project: France Belzil, Danielle Bouchard, Fernand Desgagnés, Martin Desgagnés, Michel Desgagnés, Sylvain Desgagnés, Yvan Desgagnés, Yves Desgagnés, Aline Lépine Melançon and Pierre Melançon. Several images in this exhibition come from the collections of the Maurice and Roger G. Desgagnés families and from the J.A.Z. Desgagnés collection of the Musée maritime de Charlevoix.