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The maritime industry, governments, large corporations and numerous private donors including those who have bequeathed several hectares of land at the museum have supported the desire of men of the sea, including that of Captain Yvan Desgagnés, to build a place of memory. In 36 years, the Musée maritime de Charlevoix has sailed from an exhibition held at arm's length by a handful of volunteers to a museum that now offers a 360 ° tour from the forest to the river.

Dedicated to the protection and interpretation of schooners and cabotage on the St. Lawrence River, the museum is today the tourist and cultural heart of the village of Les Éboulements / Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive. It is a place of culture with five exhibitions, a heritage space with four boats to visit, a lively park, a landscaped trail, welcoming premises, a time-out, an open book on the men and women who have lived the great river.

The Museum is seeking your support to continue its efforts:

  • To protect its three schooners who due to age, weather, etc. are in need of constant repairs.
  • To perpetuate the schooners and grounds for future generations.
  • To double annually the reception of school groups who come to study at the museum;
  • To remake the rails of the old system of hauling boats (1946) still operational.

With your help, the museum will be able to maintain its focus, well as that of the village and Charlevoix, and make sure to always tell the story of schooners and cabotage.


He or she commits to donating $ 5,000, divided into three consecutive annual installments.

To thank him, the museum:

  • Gives a white pine tree ready to plant with a VIP invitation to visit the museum with its guests. This visit will be guided and commented by a member of the management team.
  • Recognizes this great donor as having adopted one of the 50 masts composing the great sculpture emblematic of schooners built in Charlevoix presented in the Parc des navigateurs.
  • Promotes the major donor on its website and newsletter. During his visit to the museum with his guests, photos and comments from the major donor will be relayed on social networks.
  • Invites the major donor to the official inauguration of the Parc des navigateurs on June 28, 2018 and the Friends of the museum cocktail party at the beginning of the season.


He or she commits to donating $ 1,000 to the museum.

To thank him, the museum:

  • Gives a white pine ready to plant with an unlimited family package valid for one year.
  • Highlights the donor's visit to the museum with his guests by relaying photos and comments on social networks.


He or she commits to give $ 250 to the Musée maritime de Charlevoix.

To thank him, the museum:

  • Gives a white pine ready to plant.
  • Offers an unlimited package for two people for one year.

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