New “submersive” exhibition for a historic journey into the depths.

In the mysterious depths of the tumultuous waters of the St. Lawrence River, Ungava Bay, and the Ottawa River, discover the stories of shipwrecks that have marked the history and imagination of the people of Charlevoix.

Let yourself be carried away by spectacular images propelling you into the cargo hold of a ship, the wheelhouse of a schooner assaulted by the raging elements, or even underwater, diving towards a submerged wreck.

The tour of interactive digital stations features moving testimonials from survivors, often anonymous rescuers, and witnesses to maritime tragedies.

Immerse yourself in an intriguing world of never-before-seen images, archival press clippings, and rare recovered artifacts that recall souls lost at sea.


Motorized schooner, location: Saint-Irénée, July 8, 1959, cause: propeller shaft failure followed by a night collision with a cargo ship that did not stop, fatalities: none, survivors: 2.


Ore carrier, location: Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, July 20, 1963, cause: collision in poor visibility (fog) and rapid sinking, fatalities: 33.


Steel coaster; location: Ungava Bay, August 20, 1975, cause: leak and foundering, fatalities: 6 including 2 rescuers, survivors: 5.

Step aboard the Jean-Yvan!

This ship, the centrepiece of our collection, is a fine example of the ingenuity of Charlevoix’s shipwrights.

Let’s explore her from the hold to the wheelhouse!