Le Parc des navigateurs

Long before leaving the harbour, the schooners’ story begins in the soil, where trees take root. The Parc des Navigateurs extends an invitation to meditate, climb structures and enjoy nature!

Tourisme Charlevoix Photo, Raphael Bilodeau

Spotlight on the Park

The Museum’s “backyard” is an 8.2-hectare (20-acre) park, created in collaboration with the Botanical Garden of Montreal and Université Laval, and a source of delight for families and nature lovers alike.

A charming path lined with tall pines and century-old apple trees leads to adventure. First, you must tackle the obstacles in a hebertism course designed for children aged 4 to 14 before making your way through a plant maze to find its hidden treasure chest. After that, you can relax! Kids will imagine themselves traveling across islands and swinging in a ship’s hull, while older children can relax at the prow of an imaginary boat.

Giant sculptures related to the grand history of the St. Lawrence and an arboretum round off this 1.2-km escapade.

A Hike
in the Forêt marine

Up for a good 4-km hike (one way)
through the forest to the music of the river?