From Shipyard to Museum, an Immersive Visit

From the beauty of the setting to the story being told, a tour of the Musée maritime de Charlevoix leaves a lasting impression on the visitor’s imagination. Between the old sawmill, the workshop and the shipyard store, all steeped in memories, and the historic boats, Parc des navigateurs and the Forêt marine nature trail, there are a thousand and one ways to set sail.

Tourisme Charlevoix photo, Joannie Fillion


Venture onto the decks, breathe in the aroma of wood, explore the crew quarters and grip the captain’s wheel to imagine yourself as a mariner. There’s nothing like stepping aboard a grand ship to relive the epoch of schooners and admire these last witnesses of a bygone era.


Tourisme Charlevoix Photo, André-Olivier Lyra

Tourisme Charlevoix Photo, Raphael Bilodeau

The Old Shipyard
and its Equipment

On May 11, 1946, 20 villagers founded Les Chantiers maritimes de Charlevoix Ltd. Recognized by Canadian Heritage in 1998, this historic site takes visitors back in time to the maritime activities of yesteryear: the sawmill, the store, the workshop, the wharf and the hauling system all recall the days of the dry dock and overwintering.



“Born to Sail” tells the story of the families of Charlevoix schooner sailors in a photographic and animated video immersion experience, along with synchronized images projected on three walls. A must-see!


Patrice Lapointe Photo

The Maritime Landscape

Open to the bay, the seaway and the mountains, the site offers numerous contemplative spaces where one can stroll and breathe the sea air.


Sailing at
Wind Speed

The highest point on the property, the lookout at Pavillon des pilotes du Bas Saint-Laurent affords a bird’s-eye view of the entire site. Here, you can also learn the art of sailing. Children will enjoy the mechanical, intellectual and digital games. Test your captain’s apprentice skills in a video game as you take control of a virtual schooner.


The Multimedia Experience

In the hold of the schooner St-André, the multimedia experience brings you onboard at the end of the 1950s. Experience a seven-day journey in just 10 minutes. Come aboard and experience as wood and dynamite are loaded for the last shipment of the season. This virtual sea voyage is sure to intrigue young and old alike!



Prolong your stay at the Museum with a bite to eat at one of our picnic areas. From the river banks to the natural vegetation, the possibilities are numerous. At the Museum reception desk, a coffee, beverage and snack area is set up for visitors and hikers alike.


Tourisme Charlevoix Photo, André-Olivier Lyra

Guided Tours

Travel first class! Our interpreter-guides will escort you through the world of schooners twice daily, until September 3, at 10:30am and 1:30pm. Guided tours (in French only) are included with Museum admission. Duration: 1 hour. Maximum 25 people per group.


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