Dive Deeper Into Your Adventure… From Home

As a prelude or conclusion, here are a few ways to prolong your journey in the days of schooners. Fair winds!

Let yourself
be swept away
by the story
of the Desgagnés

The Desgagnés are synonymous with Charlevoix, schooners, and the St. Lawrence River. Learn the compelling story of this family of bold and visionary mariners who, over more than two centuries, sailed from the Great Lakes to the Far North, inspired by their muses who stayed behind. Travel with them!


We thank the consultants and volunteers without whom this project would not have been possible:

France Belzil, Danielle Bouchard, Fernand Desgagnés, Martin Desgagnés, Michel Desgagnés, Sylvain Desgagnés, Yvan Desgagnés, Yves Desgagnés, Aline Lépine Melançon and Pierre Melançon. Many images in this exhibition come from the collections of the Maurice and Roger G. Desgagnés families and from the J.A.Z. Desgagnés collection of the Musée maritime de Charlevoix.